Ever wonder what people in densely populated areas and non culturally diverse suburbs tuly think about minorities? On its surface the newly released film, The Suspect looks at just that. It goes much deeper though on a journey of suspense for a tangled web since the viewer is kept in the dark about several facts throughout the film. WIth a run time of just 98 minutes the viewer gets a lot in a short time and thefilm doesn't feel rushed at all, in fact it plays itself out at seemingly just the right pace.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child.” “It takes a village to raise a child.” These are quotes that we are all familiar with by now. However, does Facebook count as the “village” needed to raise children or is there a new trend that is getting out of hand? For the past couple of years, there has been a growing popularity of videos showing parents disciplining their children in front of a camera and posting them Facebook. While some videos feature a parent disciplining a child on camera to post on the child's Facebook page as punishment for misbehavior on the site, others have simply posted videos of them punishing their child on their own pages. So is posting videos of a child's punishment on social media a necessary part of the discipline, or does it go overboard? A Michigan mother and 2 others are probably asking themselves that question while they are behind bars.

Recently, I presented at the 15th annual Fathers and Family Coalition of America conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. My presentation focused on how fathering practitioners can use their life experience as a springboard to reach and teach fathers about the importance of their role as fathers. During my presentation one of the young fathers asked a very courageous question. Like many single fathers, he gets his son every other weekend and he questioned the significance of his time with his son. He stated that when he picks up his son on Fridays, before you know it the weekend is over and now he has to wait 12 days to see him again. He wanted to know what he could do to maintain his relevance.

Ever since Olivia Pope came on the scene a couple of years ago she has dominated the social media news feeds of Urban America.  She has elements of many women we all know and it's great having a familiar face on television to look to.  When Mary Jane Paul emerged on the scene a year or so ago, things got real.  Now that Being Mary Jane is a full season in, and with Scandal three seasons in, we figured it was time to look at the women that are these characters.  Given the chance who would you choose to date, to be a friend to?  Who could you actually stand to be around?

The latest Jason Derulo album, Talk Dirty, is chock full of party anthems and “get hype” tracks. The album starts off with Jason’s new smash hit, "Talk Dirty" (featuring 2 Chainz), which has spent the last sixteen weeks near the top of Billboard’s “The Hot 100” and currently sits at number four. Derulo has brought in many other popular Hip-Hop artists to collaborate on this record, including Snoop Dogg, TYGA, Kid Ink, and Pitbull. 

There was a huge debate recently about the Mt. Rushmore of the NBA.  Choosing the four greatest players to have ever played the sport of basketball proved to be quite the challenge and there is still no clear and decisive agreement on just four. The Mt. Rushmore of Hip-Hop may prove to be just as difficult, but we figured we'd give it a try and see what the readers think.




The stage of life can be complicated for many people; some people spend their entire lives searching for their roles while others are just born to play certain parts.  Rather you believe that there’s some omnipotent casting director that assigns us all roles to play or you’d prefer to take it on your own, we must never forget that no matter the  part life may have seem to cast us in it is up to us to make the best of it.  I was given the pleasure to sit down and have an in-depth chat with Fariso Jordan, star of the one-woman show Georgia.
For those that may not know, Georgia is a one-woman show starring and written by Fariso Jordan and produced by Parlé Entertainment. “Georgia is a one-woman play about a young couple who revel in the complexities of love,” say Fariso as she shares about the play. “There are four characters, there’s a young couple that falls in love but there’s an incident that happens and they must deal with it. Some may say it’s an act of love others may say betrayal.  It’s all about the negotiation on how to move forward after this incident.”  I asked Fariso if she could enlighten us as to what this “incident” in the play was that seems to be causing so much tension between this young couple  but she says, “In order to find out, you’ve gotta to see the play and judge for yourself.”
Fariso hopes to share her tale about a modern romance with her audience. Not being familiar with the rating system of theatrical performances like those that they do with moves via G, PG, PG-13, R or NC-17 in some cases, I had to ask Fariso what she thought the rating of this play would be. ““I would give this a PG-13 rating because there are some sexual references but it has a greater message attached. It’s good for younger people to watch so they can get something out of it.”
Putting on play with multiple people is hard enough; Fariso chose to do a one-woman show where she takes on all the characters of this play herself. “The big part of the play centers around an incident that takes place and these four characters have to come together to tell this story but it’s shown through one person to visually illustrate their different perspectives and characteristics.” says Fariso.
Fariso is no stranger to the theater scene, she recalls the first play she remembers being in and how it catapulted her love for performing. “I was in sixth or seventh grade, I don’t remember the name of the play I was in at the time but I portrayed a character named Denean, it was a lot of fun. It was something I didn’t really think about at the time, it just felt natural. I actually named one of the characters in my Denean.” Since then she attended school and majored in theater where the idea for the play Georgia came to her.  “Being an artist, I’ve always been interested in how many perspectives you can get from one story. I started doing it at school as an experimental piece, people like it and  I loved doing it  so it kind of began to take on a life of its own and grew into something more.”
Briefly touching on her relationship with Parlé Entertainment, Fariso shares with us how this relationship between the two got started. “This play is being produced by Parlé Entertainment. Kevin and I have a mutual friend; he found out about my play and enjoyed it. He wanted to help me get it out there.” She also takes the time to thank Parlé Entertainment for helping with her show. “This experience has helped me take control of my own theater career instead of going out and auditioning. I am allowed to invest time into doing something I love doing which is really what matters to me.”
“By doing this play I hope to inspire to see the world in their own way,” Fariso says. When she isn’t performing on stage, she find time for writing poetry and her personal favorite church which she admits has been a major part of her life, “I’m always trying to do something more with my creative time. I go to church, which is a big part of my life. I love poetry; I take a night to write some of my own when I’m not as busy.”
Fariso offers words of advice to fellow young actors, “Remember that it’s not all about the acting, if you look at the behind the scenes work like writing or directing that is just as important. It all comes together.”
Fans and readers can learn more about Fariso Jordan and her show by going to her website, www.farisojordan.com  be sure to check out tour dates to catch a performance in your are. You can also follow Fariso  on twitter @farisojordan.

The stage of life can be complicated for many people; some people spend their entire lives searching for their roles while others are just born to play certain parts.  Whether you believe that there’s some omnipotent casting director that assigns us all roles to play or you’d prefer to take it on your own, we must never forget that no matter the part life may have seemed to cast us in, it is up to us to make the best of it.  Fariso Jordan has decided to take her roles into her own hands by skillfully crafting her debut one-woman show, Georgia.

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While talking to Common, I can see the reason why he has gained the recognition and respect in the Hip-Hop and entertainment game from jump street. From his greeting of ‘Hey Eleanor, how you doin’ up until the end of our conversation, the intelligence and down to earth persona draws me in and I am impressed with the calm, but giant confidence that makes you want to learn more about this Grammy award winning socially conscious lyricist, songwriter, author and actor whose career spans about 19 years.

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