Recently, I presented at the 15th annual Fathers and Family Coalition of America conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. My presentation focused on how fathering practitioners can use their life experience as a springboard to reach and teach fathers about the importance of their role as fathers. During my presentation one of the young fathers asked a very courageous question. Like many single fathers, he gets his son every other weekend and he questioned the significance of his time with his son. He stated that when he picks up his son on Fridays, before you know it the weekend is over and now he has to wait 12 days to see him again. He wanted to know what he could do to maintain his relevance.

Ever since Olivia Pope came on the scene a couple of years ago she has dominated the social media news feeds of Urban America.  She has elements of many women we all know and it's great having a familiar face on television to look to.  When Mary Jane Paul emerged on the scene a year or so ago, things got real.  Now that Being Mary Jane is a full season in, and with Scandal three seasons in, we figured it was time to look at the women that are these characters.  Given the chance who would you choose to date, to be a friend to?  Who could you actually stand to be around?

The latest Jason Derulo album, Talk Dirty, is chock full of party anthems and “get hype” tracks. The album starts off with Jason’s new smash hit, "Talk Dirty" (featuring 2 Chainz), which has spent the last sixteen weeks near the top of Billboard’s “The Hot 100” and currently sits at number four. Derulo has brought in many other popular Hip-Hop artists to collaborate on this record, including Snoop Dogg, TYGA, Kid Ink, and Pitbull. 

There was a huge debate recently about the Mt. Rushmore of the NBA.  Choosing the four greatest players to have ever played the sport of basketball proved to be quite the challenge and there is still no clear and decisive agreement on just four. The Mt. Rushmore of Hip-Hop may prove to be just as difficult, but we figured we'd give it a try and see what the readers think.

It’s a Marlon Wayne’s movie what do want me to say? It was bleeping hilarious. Literally as soon as the movie started the theatre was roaring in laughter and I’m not even exaggerating. The opening scene was arguably the most funny (actually during the Q&A after the screening an audience member said it was his favorite part). Co-star Affion Crokett is one of the first characters you’re reintroduced to and he had my stomach hurting early. I’m going to just say that I would’ve liked to see more of him in the film. Hey, Marlon told us to be honest in our critiques. With that said though, the film still surpassed the expectations of a sequel. 

Who would have ever thought a shy girl from Beaufort, South Carolina would be American Idol's Season 12 winner. She's grown a lot since only being able to sing for her parents. Life has changed for Candice Glover. Her Season 12 win is actually her third attempt at auditioning for American Idol. She's proven that she believes in herself. It was nothing short of courage to be able to face many at a third shot on the show to prove that she had what it took to take home the crown, even if she didn't know for sure herself at the time. She's motivated so many to go after what they want and to never give up. WIth the recent release of her debut album, Music Speaks, and her single, "Cried," Glover continues to motivate women everywhere.  Read the full interview to get Candice Glover a little better...




Love Sounds – What sounds like “love” to you?
California bred, rising star Sabi recently released her EP, 0-60 Love Sounds and if you want an idea of what love sounds like, you should probably take a listen. The project features eleven tracks, all different, but all exuding love. Of course this project and its birth and creation were at the top of our discussion agenda, when I caught up with the beautiful songstress. 

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“Tis The Season To Be Jolly” is the tune most famously sung around this time of the year. The Christmas season, a time of the year that many celebrate by exchanging gifts and spending time with family. This Christmas season however, legendary Gospel singer Marvin Sapp decided to share the gift of music with his fans by releasing his first Christmas album titled, Christmas Card. Over the past twenty years Marvin Sapp has done almost everything any artist can ever hope to accomplish. From his days with Commissioned to his illustrious solo career, Marvin Sapp has dominated the genre of Gospel music in a way that can’t be duplicated. After nine studio albums, being nominated and receiving a great deal of awards, Marvin still found a way to create something fresh and new for his listeners.

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When Kidd Kidd stepped into the front of the New Orleans music scene he was determined to be heard. Kidd Kidd was one of the first artists signed to Lil' Wayne’s Young Money Records with members Gudda Gudda and T-Streets as the group, Sqad Up back in 2002. In fact, in 2008 you can hear his verse on Lil' Wayne’s hit, "Mrs. Officer." Originally from the south side of New Orleans where he was introduced to the streets, Curtis Stewart aka Kidd Kidd had to find ways of survival. The gift of putting words together over an instrumental was his ticket out of his hostile situation. He chose to surround himself with people who would uplift him rather than pray for his downfall.

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She’s dainty, down to earth and dynamic. Shvona Lavette holds many titles including actress, singer, model and wife, the list steadily developing. I was excited to meet with her and discuss her journey, her present projects and creative plans for the future. She has so much going on! But first I wanted to get to know a little more about her odyssey. We met in the lobby of Trump Soho, where Shvona sweetly introduced herself and suggested we retreat to the library where it was a little quieter.

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New Orleans has been well known for many things, the obvious being great food and an amazing football team, however their rich history in music is what separates them from many other places in the world.  For the past decade artists like Lil Wayne, Juvenile, and Birdman have had the New Orleans Hip-Hop scene locked down, however it looks like it’s time for a new leader in New Orleans Hip-Hop market. His name is David Augustine Jr. better known by his stage name “Dee-1,” which he created by taking the “The One” and flipping it into his own. 2010 is when Dee-1 began to shine brighter than most as his controversial song “Jay, 50, Weezy” gained a numerous amount of attention creating a buzz that he couldn’t imagine. Since then he has simply been on fire. Singles, mixtapes, and sold out tours, Dee-1 has done it all even opening up for acts like Drake and Lil Wayne just to name a few. His faith and determination can be credited to the reason why Dee-1 has been able to achieve this level of success. November 2013 the story only got better as RCA Records inked a deal with the New Orleans native. Plus he recently joined Lupe Fiasco on a nationwide tour, an artist he admits to looking up to. This road to success for the twenty six-year old emcee has been dreadful, painful but nonetheless, a dream come true. If Dee-1 symbolizes anything, it’s that hard work dedication and a giant leap of faith can lead you into the right direction. 

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