Being born in the 90’s certainly touched the new up and coming triple-threat artist Jo’zzy aka @dopebyaccident in a special way. She’s the protégé’ of super producer Timbaland and a talented singer/songwriter/rapper. Not only is the 90’s an inspiration and influence, but a way of life for this 24 year old; whose real name is Jocelyn Donald. She says of new single “Tryna Wife”, “It’s just nostalgic music and only the beginning. Some of today’s R&B and Hip-Hop can be so watered down and cookie-cutter, but my style of music makes you think of the 90’s.”

"They only get to see a certain part of your life and it’s not even fifty percent. It may be about fifteen percent of your life that these people are getting to watch so that’s never a good thing because you become this fifteen percent of what people get to see and there’s way more to most of us that are on that show..."  ~Bambi

“One thing I feel that happens a lot on the urban side of music, not as much on the mainstream pop side of music is that if artists don't come out for a few years, we forget that we loved them. This was not just some song I liked, but this was my favorite group in the world. I feel like the urban audience, we don't hold our stars up like the pop audience do. Their stars will put out an album tomorrow and it will still be double, triple, quadruple platinum…”  
~Brandon Casey of Jagged Edge 

Are you a fan of good 90’s music? A fan of music that allows you to still leave something to the imagination? Then you might want to cop that new Hi-Five The EP. Yes, that’s right—Billy, Faruq, Marcus, Shannon and Treston aka Hi-5 are making a comeback and Billy Covington and Faruq Evans assured Parlé Magazine in a recent interview, that they’re here to stay!

You've probably been a fan of Rico Love for years and didn't even know it. He has penned and produced chart topping hits for Usher, Keri Hilson, Fantasia, Chris Brown and Beyoncé to name a few. His EP, Discrete Luxury, was released late in 2013 and includes six new tracks including hit singles "They Don't Know" and "B*tches be Like." The EP serves as the prelude this debut album, Turn the Lights On, which is also the singer/songwriter’s memorable catch phrase. While Rico has made a name for himself mostly behind the scenes, the new record is his chance to not only expand his repertoire but show and prove that he has what it takes as a solo artist.

Kareem Nelson, didn’t tell the typical childhood story I expected to hear in a recent interview with the Wheelchairs Against Guns (W.A.G.) founder. He described a great childhood, a mother that provided everything he wanted and needed, if not more. As an only child, he said he had the best of everything, but the “streets” were still calling. “I chose the streets,” Nelson admitted. There was a sense of brotherhood and freedom that led him to the lifestyle that so many of our young Black men follow. Fast money, cars and women is the name of the game and where so many get caught up. For twelve years Nelson was about that life, until one night everything changed.






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“I didn’t choose writing, writing chose me.” Self-published author, Tamika Newhouse says that she's been writing since she had the ability to form sentences. Newhouse states that although many people take creative writing classes to hone their skills, writing has been something that has always come naturally to her.

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Lendy Demetrius, manhattan born author newest release "I Live, You Move On" is both seductive and thrilling. The accountant turned writer took his life's  experiences and turned them into a ravishing romantic tale that will leave you speechless. Taking only one year to pen "I Live, You Move On" Lendy Demetrius refers to his newest release as something everyone can relate to. Using a lyrical and captivating dialogue " I Live, You Move On" leaves no room for comparison. From the first page you are trapped in the web of creativity from Lendy Demetrius.
Realism mixed poetry is how Lendy Demetrius described his versatile writing style. Beginning writing in high school with encouragement from teacher Mr.Bailey. "Mr.Bailey showed me writing is a way to express yourself" he recalled.  Citing Tiffany Millan as an influence to his writing style. Seductive and sensual is the versatile style Lendy expresses in his new romantic tale. Beyond writing Lendy Demetrius plans to begin screenwriting, taking his thrilling tales to the stage. Delivering to an expanding audiences his story in hopes it can be something many can relate to. Lendy Demetrius is simply amazing, a master at the art of seduction and suspense. "I Live, You Move On" is a must read for all generations.
About the Novel "I Live, You Move On":
Following the lives of two strong woman set in the City of New York. The novel follows the love lives of the two driven career women.
One woman Julissa Longoriez never intended on letting her personal life derail her work. Julissa character tries to avoid attachment and love.
Getting close to any man would force her to have to come terms with a past she's worked hard to bury. Julissa must decide if keepin her last secret is more important than building the future she never thought would be hers.
Nahla Voyas: The exact opposite of Julissa, Nahla has played the wife and mother role. Sacrificing her dreams to keep their home life as close to perfect as possible. When her husband's extramarital activities becomes too much to ignore Nahla decides she must love herself and her daughter more than this man. She must become a role model her daughter deserves, but the road may not be easily traveled.
The master of seduction Lendy E Demetrius captures the audience with "I Live, You Move On". Julissa Longoriez and Nahla Voyas are characters many can relate to, capturing a story only Lendy Demetrius can tell. Intense, seductive, and powerful "I Live, You Move On" will  give the minds and hearts of readers  a mind-bottling experience.

Lendy E. Demetrius is a Manhattan born author and his newest release I Live, You Move On is both seductive and thrilling. The full-time accountant and writer took his life's experiences and turned them into a real-life romantic tale that will leave readers speechless. Taking only one year to pen, I Live, You Move On, Lendy Demetrius refers to his newest release as something everyone can relate to. Using a lyrical and captivating dialogue the novel leaves no room for comparison. From the first page you are trapped in the web of creativity from Lendy Demetrius.

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Rap pioneers have almost always glorified notorious gangsters and drug lords throughout history. That’s no secret. But Mara Shalhoup, Editor-in-Chief at Creative Loafing, and author of BMF: The Rise and Fall of Big Meech and the Black Mafia Family gives us another viewpoint in her debut novel. A conversation with her allowed us to see through her eyes, the inner workings of a multi-million dollar drug trafficking organization.

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It was an absolute pleasure speaking with emerging author, Sylvia L. Simmons. A product of the Washington D.C. public school system and retired Public Affairs specialist, Simmons has had plenty of life experiences, which lead to great fiction. Simmons already has two novels to her credit, both released under her own company, SiHoWa Publishing Company. She is currently working on several other projects as well, growing her brand and creating a lane for herself.

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As Sister Souljah’s 1999 best-selling novel, The Coldest Winter Ever, was feeding the streets with urban fiction not seen before that time, a legal secretary and a mother from Philadelphia was awaiting her chance to reign with captivating literature. Rejected by at least 20 different publishers over six years, the upcoming author did not become discouraged, but instead self-published. Teri Woods reflects and shares with Parlé how she made it from being rejected to becoming a multi-millionaire.

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