Who would have ever thought a shy girl from Beaufort, South Carolina would be American Idol's Season 12 winner. She's grown a lot since only being able to sing for her parents. Life has changed for Candice Glover. Her Season 12 win is actually her third attempt at auditioning for American Idol. She's proven that she believes in herself. It was nothing short of courage to be able to face many at a third shot on the show to prove that she had what it took to take home the crown, even if she didn't know for sure herself at the time. She's motivated so many to go after what they want and to never give up. WIth the recent release of her debut album, Music Speaks, and her single, "Cried," Glover continues to motivate women everywhere.  Read the full interview to get Candice Glover a little better...

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Drew 32, writer, producer, videographer—you name it he has done it. His hands on approach to his brand of music is admirable. From the D to the world, with stops along the way as an opening act for Gym Class Heroes, Kendrick Lamar, and the New Boyz hasn't hurt. His performances at Sundance Film Festival and SXSW Music Conference have done wonders for his buzz, and odds are his production going forward will be just as stellar. Drew32 Recently released The Batch, an ode to his fans, and a teaser for what 2014 and beyond hold.  Judging by the attention his hit single “I Am King,” is getting along with his mantra, 'the more content, the better,' the future is very bright for this Greek-American artist.  Parlé with me as I introduce to you… Drew 32.

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I’ve been a fan of this young woman since her YouTube days as Phatfffat, but nowadays she goes by Dondria Nicole. She started out as a YouTube sensation singing covers songs of artists like Usher, Beyoncé, Rihanna, Brandy and several others. After releasing her debut album with So So Def Records, Dondria became somewhat of a household name. Today, she is working on a new album to reintroduce the world to who she has become as a young woman. Miss Nicole is not only beautiful and ravishing, but home-girl can sing the heavens down!!! It was such a honor meeting and chatting with her. Check out the interview below and catch up on what this talented young lady has been up to.

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the amazingly talented Eric Roberson, not only do I know his music but I am a HUGE fan of his work. Mr. Roberson is humble, funny, and has a great spirit; celebrating his 20th anniversary in the music industry he is releasing two albums this year. We had a chance to have a good ol' fashioned talk, and to be honest it was such honor to meet the inspirational artist himself.

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When I first heard Andy Mineo’s music I was shocked that I was instantly hooked. I couldn’t believe that he had so much soul to him, but I was wrong, I guess the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” is true. His music had me captivated and made me want to buy EVERY album he put out, which I DID! As we sat and talked I started to feel the magnitude of faith on him, it was truly encouraging. I loved every minute of it.  Check out our full conversation here...

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