As soon as he became the first artist to be signed to J. Cole’s label Dreamville, Bas has had big shoes to fill. Born in Paris, France, Bas moved to Queens, New York, at the age of eight. Before Bas was particularly interested in music, older brother, now known as DJ Moma, did everything he could to introduce Bas to various musical styles, including the electronic influences of the European music scene, which, at the time, was quite different from the popular American music of the era.

Sagging pants and fouled mouth children…”N” this, “N” that…
Slow walks approaching the school building
Prep to take the belts off…
“Hurry…hurry” a friend yells out to hide their cell phones
Metal detectors…
“Empty your pockets”
No ‘Good Mornings’
No smiles—

To be 100% honest with ya’ll, I almost fainted when I walked into the room where songtress, Leela James had been relaxing on the couch. I greeted everyone and introduced myself and like the cool and beautiful person Ms. James was she said, “Hey sweetie, you got to excuse me for laying down we been traveling all day, but you can lay down and relax with me.” Totally blown away by her “down-to-earth” approach, she was every thing I imagined her to be in person.

If you follow Kachelle Kelly on social media you’ll definitely discover her passion for what she does, she’s positive and she is about her BUSINESS. She can coach her clients from a dream to a reality of what they imagined their business to be with consistency and determination. She has even started a $39 a month program for ones who may be a bit financially tight but would love to ask her a question once a month. I follow her on Instagram and it seems as though she’s very well respected in the city of Houston. She has started a Boss Women Pray and Boss Men Pray movement. She not only have the books, but also shirts in which quite a few familiar faces happily wore for a recent photo shoot.

If you or someone you know is in need of guidance for business-you may want to think of Kachelle Kelly. Read the interview below to learn a little more.

Talent is all around us and with each passing year comes a new star in the making, one that is sure to set 2014 a blaze is R&B crooner Anthony Lewis. In February, the 17 year-old L.A. native released his single, “Candy Rain,” a remix of the 90’s classic from R&B group Soul 4 Real. He has since caught the eyes and ears of every major music and is making strides on Billboard's Hot 100 list. With the song in continuous rotation prompting live performances and more work on his forthcoming debut album to be done Anthony is busier than ever, fortunately he had a few moments to spare to talk about his growing career, his inspiration, and the future of his craft.  See what he had to say below.

New Yorkers know, just being here prepares you for everything the world has to offer. For entertainers that is true double time. Washington Heights bred, Dominican actress, Suveria Mota discovered acting was her passion in high school and she continued to pursue her dream through pursuing her degree at Lehman College in the Bronx. After she got her degree she made the move to Hollywood where things really began to take off. Now with a few roles under her belt and some soon to be released projects, Mota is a talent to look forward to. We got a chance to speak with the actress about what finding success is like for a Latina in Hollywood, the importance of education and what's next for her. Discover the next big name below.




Having reviewed Before I Self Destruct back in 2009 and rewarding it with a PARLÉ, I hesitated to do a review of Animal Ambition - primarily because for most of these last 5 years, I've found myself listening to earlier 50 Cent cuts from earlier 50 albums as opposed to anything that was featured on Before I Self Destruct. Nevertheless, it can be argued that Animal Ambition is better than Before I Self Destruct for one reason and one reason alone - 50 stays true to the style that made him popular - an effective combination of aggressive hubris and verbal onslaughts on anyone that finds this hubris overdone and over talked about. 50 noted in Complex Magazine that the album is about an "untamed desire to win...prosperity, ambition and entrepreneurial energy from a distorted perspective." Hmm, that about partially sums up this 11 track collection (14 if you count the 3 songs on the deluxe edition).

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In 1980, the comic book writers Chris Claremont and John Byrne co-wrote a two part issue of The Uncanny X Men entitled, Days of Future Past.   This story arc envisioned a nightmare future in which the world was ruled by a race of robots named Sentinels who had turned on humanity and enslaved the world after being created to hunt and apprehend mutants.  The story of Days of Future Past, involved an elder version of the X Men character Kitty Pryde being sent back three decades to erase this nightmare world from existence by enlisting the help of the second X Men to prevent the assassination that caused this future.

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It's been five years since Mariah Carey's Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, an album that many music critics panned as one of her most interesting, filled with a synergetic flow of cuts that were uncanny Mariah and the most consistent since 2005's The Emancipation of Mimi. On this, her fourteenth release entitled, Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, Carey returns true to form perhaps overtaking much of the criticism that she's been yesterday's news since the release of 1999's Rainbow that contained, "Heartbreaker." It can be argued that Carey has never lost her touch - the magnetic voice, impressive delivery and beauty. What this album does is reinforce the notion that the superstar diva remains a fierce R&B and pop cutting edge singer who first enchanted the world with her five-octave glass shattering, whirlwind vocal style back in 1990.

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Whether you remember him for his cool demeanor and corn row braids or his perfectly chiseled body he displayed in the video for hit song, "How does it feel?", one thing is clear: you cannot mention neo-soul without mentioning D'Angelo.

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Any posthumous release is tricky for two reasons primarily: that producers working on the album don't tarnish the legacy of the artist who's departed and that most of the original work is left in place for the vocals to shine through. When Sony released Michael in 2010, it was met with much angst from both critics and fans alike as a mere hodge podge of demos, outtakes, cutting room floor looped tracks that Jackson never wanted to unveil to the world and the extreme disapproval about whether Jackson's vocals actual inhabited some of the songs. Xscape, the second posthumous release is nowhere near the grab bag displayed on Michael. In fact, by most accounts it could be called a cohesively put together compilation that in effect revives Michael, putting him front and center in the midst of an ever-evolving music scene. A collection of 8 songs, Xscape, features contemporized demos that Jackson recorded throughout his career. Each provides context into the overall theme of the album - a voyage away from all that is wrong with the world. From "Love Never Felt So Good," a glistening performance of Michael's airy and funky vocals amidst an impressive assortment of sounds to the memoirish title track.

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t has been three years since Ledisi released her last project, Pieces of Me, but the sultry songstress has been touring worldwide and appearing on television screens ever since. Her latest project, The Truth, serves as a natural continuum to her previous works demonstrating the behaviors of a strong, confident woman in love.  

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The latest Jason Derulo album, Talk Dirty, is chock full of party anthems and “get hype” tracks. The album starts off with Jason’s new smash hit, "Talk Dirty" (featuring 2 Chainz), which has spent the last sixteen weeks near the top of Billboard’s “The Hot 100” and currently sits at number four. Derulo has brought in many other popular Hip-Hop artists to collaborate on this record, including Snoop Dogg, TYGA, Kid Ink, and Pitbull. 

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The sequel to the 2009 release, We Are Young Money, Rise of An Empire fashions itself as something new and epic, but hinges on formulaic material that only reaches to live up to its hype. Incorporating the new signee, Euro, into the mix does assist in making the audio journey an earnest effort – if only for a time.

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